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Guide to Attending APP Virtual Workshops

Quick Tech Tips

NOTE: Use a Laptop / Desktop for best performance

1. Use your unique PRIVATE Link provided by the event organizer to join the event using a Chromium-Based Browser (or supported browser listed below).

Supported browsers;

  • Chrome version >= 79 (Recommended)
  • MS edge all version
  • Firefox (version >= 76)
  • Brave Browser

Non-Supported browsers;

  • Safari (with limited access & known compatibility issue)
  • Mobile Phone and Tablet Browsers (

2. Allow browser use of your mic/camera while joining the event.

3. Disable any extra VPN/ Firewall settings (In the case of official laptops).

4. Please have a stable and good internet connection. If possible, sit nearby to a wifi router to avoid hindrance in between your network.

6. Close all the websites that are using a camera to avoid any technical glitches.

Once logged in, all attendees can join others at tables in the virtual lounge to interact before the presentation begins. Attendees will be automatically directed to the presentation when it begins.

Troubleshooting Tip: Refresh page/restart browser, and ensure no other video conferencing tools are active in other tabs.

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Step-by-Step Guide For Workshop Attendees

Step 1: Enter the APP Virtual Event

Click on the event link provided to you by the event organizer via email to enter the APP Virtual Event. This link is unique to you as the attendee and only you may log in using this link. If you choose to share this link with anyone, they will be able to join and appear on the APP Virtual workshop with your name and details. 

After visiting the link, click on the “Enter Event” button. Note: If the event is not started, you will receive a registration email having a calendar invite to join. After clicking on the ‘enter event’ button, you will be asked to fill in the Attendee card that asks for your profile details, and a few of those fields would be shown as a name badge under your Attendee Card.

After filling in the Attendee card, you will enter the event and find yourself in the social lounge.

Step 2: Interactions in the Social Lounge

Now that you’ve entered the APP Virtual Event, you will have one of two scenarios: 

1. If the session is live, you will directly see the stage/presentation upon login. 

2. If you land in the social lounge, it means that the presentation has not yet started.  This area allows you to interact with other event participants and hop between tables to meet new people and have conversations. 

The Social Lounge is active before a live session, during session breaks, and after the live session ends. 

You can experience the following in the Social Lounge:

1. Join tables: Tables are general seating. At some events, tables may have labels and logos on top to signal and inform atendees about the organizations and/or topics of conversation at specific tables. In case you are looking to interact with a specific attendee, you can see others who are already seated at the table by hovering your mouse over the occupied chairs.

Once you decide which table you’d like to be seated at, select the “Take a seat” button below the table. If you want to leave the conversation, say bye to the table participants, and click on the “Leave the table” button in the bottom right. 

2. Notifications: During a workshop, the host may deliver various announcements containing important workshop information or directing people towards external links having to do with the workshop or APP directly.

3. View profiles: Click on the display picture of any participant to view their participant profiles under the “People” tab.

4. Table chat: You can interact with the other members seated at the table in a virtual mini-conference. You can also have a private table chat. Anyone that joins the table will be able to view this chat in the bottom control bar.

Step 3: Interactions During The Session

A countdown will be displayed when there are 10 seconds left for the presentation commences. 

Once the presentation begins, you will no longer be able to access the Social Lounge. You can initiate the following actions during the presentation:

  • Raise Hand: If you want to interact with the speaker and the host, you can choose to do so by selecting the “Raise hand” button in the stage’s bottom control bar. If the host accepts your request, you can share the stage with the speaker and be visible to all participants.
  • Ask a question:  You can use the Q&A section on the Right-hand-section of the screen to ask questions. We recommend you use this section to ask questions instead of using the general chat. You can also “Upvote,” a question already asked to help speakers and hosts pick questions based on popularity.
  • React with Emojis: You can quickly react and offer motivation or applause to the speaker using emojis.
  • Chat: All the participants can view the general chat.
  • Report a message: If you come across a message with objectionable content, you can report it to the host.
  • Polls: Participate in “Polls” that may be conducted by the host & speakers during the event & sessions, respectively.


If you need help with anything during the event you can chat directly with the host who can help you resolve the issue.

Quick Tips

For best experience during our APP Virtual Events, please do keep the following in mind:

  • Use a Laptop or desktop PC for best experience
  • Use a Chrome/Chromium based browser for best performance
  • Have a stable and good internet connection. Disable VPN if in use.
  • If you have difficulty seeing the speaker’s feed, refresh the page/restart browser, and ensure that you close any other video conferencing tools you may have used recently.

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